Manahawkin – Vehicle Crashes into Home, Driver Hospitalized

Manahawkin – Vehicle Crashes into Home, Driver Hospitalized >
A driver was hospitalized after her SUV crashed into a home in Manahawkin Wednesday afternoon, October 23.

Police who responded to the call said that the accident occurred at around 3:30 p.m. on Fort Lee Drive near the Perry’s Lake section of Manahawkin. The driver of the car was identified as Julia Elmowsky, an 86 year-old resident of Suffern, New York. Police investigation determined that Elmowsky have put her Ford Escape in reverse on Oak Ridge Lane. When she pressed her foot on the brake, she mistakenly put her foot on the accelerator, which caused the car to speed up and crash into a home.

The home Elmowsky crashed her SUV into was occupied during the time of the accident, but fortunately, the occupants were not hurt. Police who responded at the scene took Elmowsky to Southern Ocean Medical Center due to chest pain complaints.

We are glad no one was severely injured in this accident. We also hope the driver recovers well from this accident. A car crashing into a home can be a very serious accident. A car may destroy a load-bearing wall which can impart significant damage to a house, which in turn can lead into very serious injuries for the driver and the occupants of the house. A car can also directly hit an occupant inside the house, and this may result in heavy injuries and at time, death. During these accidents, home owners and drivers may typically turn to their insurance providers first and foremost to get compensation for medical bills and other injury-related expenses they may have accrued in the accident.

We urge drivers to be more careful when driving, to avoid accidents on the road. Road conditions may get worse during the colder seasons so being more vigilant while driving can help keep every on the road safer.

Written by: Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers Last Updated : November 28, 2021
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