Injuries Reported: Multi-Vehicle Crash Involving LKWD Bus


Date Published: 2021/10/23

LAKEWOOD, NJ – A driver was hospitalized following a multi-vehicle accident involving a Lakewood school bus on Thursday evening, according to NJ.com.

The crash happened near 978 River Avenue at about 9 p.m. Thursday, after the driver of a 2019 Ford Expedition cut off the driver of a 2020 Dodge Challenger. The driver of the Expedition turned into the parking lot and was then struck on the passenger side by the Challenger. The impact sent both vehicles into the lane of oncoming traffic, where they collided head-on with a Lakewood school bus.

The driver of the Challenger was taken to the hospital for evaluation of possible minor injuries.

The driver of the Expedition received a citation for careless driving.

Multiple students were aboard the bus when the accident happened.

The accident is the fourth incident involving a Lakewood school bus this academic year.

Written by: Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers
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